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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 2012 Wounded Warriors are Certified, Continue to Dive Daily

As in past years, The Bonaire Insider is closely following the exploits of this year’s contingent of Wounded Warriors, nine men who have been seriously injured during their service in the U.S. military.  The men, along with their significant others or family, arrived on Saturday and have been actively diving since then.  View images of the group as they prepare for diving on the Bonaire Insider Photo Gallery by clicking here.

The group arrived tired, but happy.  The immediately jumped into the water and completed their certification dives on Saturday and Sunday.  Since then, they are diving daily, both from the dock at Captain Don’s Habitat, their host hotel, as well as from boats at many of Bonaire’s well known “Klein” dive sites.  Even with life-changing injuries, these men have wonderful water skills, excellent buoyancy, and are completely at home in the water.

Today, while the men head off for more boat dives, some of the ladies are trying out their skills with windsurfing at Bonaire’s Lac Bay.  Tonight, they will head to Spice Beach Club for a beach BBQ.

Tomorrow evening, the men, their families, and traveling companions will be honored at a reception by Bonaire’s Lt. Governor, The Honorable Lydia Emerencia.  We’ll touch bases again with the Wounded Warriors to see how they are enjoying their whirlwind week of diving, sightseeing, and dining on Bonaire.  See you underwater!

(Source:  Bonaire Insider Reporter)

Posted by Susan Davis on August 21, 2012 at 1:16pm AST
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