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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Soldiers on Bonaire!

Those visiting Bonaire now, or in the coming ten days, need not be alarmed to see soldiers taking to the streets, neighborhoods, or outlying areas, as approximately 100 soldiers will be on Bonaire for training exercises.

From Thursday, January 17th through Friday, January 25th, Bonaire will be part of a scenario for an exercise of the Army company in the part of the Dutch Kingdom in the West. The whole company will practice for the eventual provision of military assistance. On January 16th, Hr.Ms. Pelikaan will enter the port of Bonaire with the company on board.

The exercise on Bonaire is part of the regular training program for the company, which is changed every four months on Curaao. For that reason, the training will take place every four months on Bonaire, because this unit is responsible for providing direct military assistance after the request of the Kingdom Representative.

The primary goal for this unit is also to get acquainted with the island of Bonaire, the local authorities, and emergency services and to train with them and share experiences.  (Source:  Rijksdienst CN)

Posted by Susan Davis on January 16, 2013 at 8:45am AST


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