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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

InfoBonaire.com Offers Sustainable Seafood Guide for Those Dining on Bonaire

Nearly every lover of the world’s oceans has heard about the world’s depleting fish stocks, as well as inherent problems with some fish farming practices.  It’s difficult to know just what to eat, but now, InfoBonaire.com provides some insight into what can be safely ordered when dining on Bonaire.

View InfoBonaire.com’s new Sustainable Seafood Guide by clicking here.  The guide provides a handy summary of the problems faced by the growing demand for seafood, in both wild-caught populations or farmed or ranched fish.  There is a quick reference guide available to know which fish to absolutely stay away from, or those which can be ordered or purchased for home-cooking while on Bonaire.

As divers, snorkelers, windsurfers, and others who enjoy Bonaire’s marine environment, we all owe it to the fish populations on Bonaire, as well as the world over, to order and consume seafood in a responsible manner.  (Source:  InfoBonaire.com)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 14, 2012 at 4:37pm AST
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