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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bonaire’s Population is Growing

This year through September 30, 2007, the population of Bonaire was increased by 473 inhabitants.  At the beginning of 2007, Bonaire had 14,006 inhabitants, and by the end of September, the Registry Office of Bonaire had a total of 14,479 people registered as residents.

114 babies were born in the first nine months of this year and there were 49 deaths.  895 people established residence on Bonaire in the first nine months, while 487 emigrated.  Of those coming to reside on Bonaire, 292 were from the Netherlands, 229 from other Antillean islands, 79 from the United States, 60 from Peru, 51 from Colombia, 36 from the Dominican Republic, and 33 from Aruba.

134 persons registered at the Registry Office in June, 122 in January, 105 in September, and 104 in August.  110 Persons emigrated off the island in July, the month that students traditionally leave Bonaire to go to school in the Netherlands. 

Of the 14.479 inhabitants, 7453 (51 percent) are male, and 7026 (49 percent) are female.  47 percent are between the age of 31 and 60, 18 percent are between 0 and 18, 8 percent are between 13 and 18, 14 percent are between 19 and 30, and 13 percent are older than 60.  Most of those re-locating to Bonaire registered home addresses in Antriol (211), Nikiboko (128), and Playa Pabou (75). (Source:  Central Bureau of Statistics)

Posted by Susan Davis on October 17, 2007 at 12:44pm AST
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