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Friday, November 14, 2008

Bonaire International Airport To Initiate Service Charge for Departing Passengers December 1, 2008

Starting December 1, 2008, Bonaire International Airport N.V. will charge each departing passenger a service charge. This service charge amounts to FL 3.00 (about USD $1.69) and will be added to the existing passenger facility charge (airport tax). This means that departing passengers for domestic destinations will pay FL 15.50 (about USD $8.71), while those flying to an international destination will pay FL 63.50 (about USD $36.67). Departing passengers over the age of 60 or less than the age of 12, and who are residents of either the Netherlands Antilles or Aruba, will have a domestic destination fee of FL 10.50 (about USD $5.90). Children under 2 years are exempt.

The service charge will be effective as of December 1, 2008, due to the deployment of the new Airport Connect CUTE system. CUTE stands for Common Use Terminal Equipment. This is a common use system whereby all airlines can use each of the 12 available check-in counters at the Flamingo Airport. More flexibility is obtained while the processing capacity of passengers at the check-in counters is increased and made more efficient. This should lead to a higher level of service for the departing passenger. The present check-in system works with so called dedicated check-in counters which are only usable by one particular airline and cannot be used by other airlines, thus restricting processing capacity. Furthermore, FIDS, Flight Information Display System, will provide a real time display of the status of flights as a service enhancement to departing customers. In addition to the scheduled arrival or departure times, information such as Departed, Delayed, Boarding, etc. can be displayed.

As passenger numbers increase and security requirements grow, air travel becomes more stressful and time consuming for passengers. Travelers are looking for an easier and more efficient passage through the airport.  Bonaire International Airport continues to strive in providing a more efficient and speedier flow while at the same time meeting its passengers needs.  (Source:  Bonaire International Airport)

Note Update November 20, 2008: The Bonaire Insider has just received the departure fees in both US Dollars, as well as the current conversion to Euros, and those rates can be viewed by clicking here (in PDF format).  (Source:  Bonaire International Airport)

Posted by Susan Davis on November 14, 2008 at 1:24pm AST
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