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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AB CarRentals Focuses Upon Increased Customer Service With New Facilities

AB CarRentals, which, with over 200 vehicles, offers visiting tourists one of the largest fleet of vehicles on Bonaire, has been busy upgrading its fleet, facilities, and customer service options.  Now, customers of AB Car can enjoy a variety of new conveniences when renting a vehicle.

Their new, dedicated facility on Kaya Industria is just minutes from the airport, and it’s also convenient to Kralendijk or major resorts for those who might wish to pick up a vehicle for just a few days, instead of their entire visit.  The facility includes an air-conditioned reception area for check-in and check-out and free taxi and luggage service to and from the airport, making arrivals and departures less stressful.

But AB Car’s “no stress” policy goes one step further.  For those who purchase the full insurance with their vehicle, one of the new benefits includes a Zero Deductible.  This means that no matter what might happen to the car in the way of theft, accident, or vandalism, there is no responsibility to the renter.  This makes diving and snorkeling at some of Bonaire’s more remote dive sites truly worry-free.  And, their 24/7 free road assistance, with the purchase of full insurance coverage, means that if there is a problem with the vehicle, AB Car will be there to assist.

AB Car has always been a leader in keeping Bonaire as “green” as possible, importing the first truly electric car a few years ago.  That mindset has been carried forward to this day, as their garage facility is truly exceptional in that car wash water is recycled and the garage itself is held to Dutch/EU standards which mandate that floors must be sealed, so oil cannot leak into the environment.  Used motor oil is stored in a large tank, and then emptied four times a year via Bonaire’s recycling company, and the garage itself is nearly noise-free with plenty of lighting.  All in all, the visitor’s overall experience is pleasant and efficient.  Kudos go to AB Car for being pro-active in keeping their environmental “footprint” as small as possible.

What’s even nicer is that those renting pickups in the “Group Two” category are guaranteed a vehicle that is not older than 18 months.  The pickups in this category--double-cabin pickup trucks deluxe, with 4 doors/5 seats, air-conditioning, radio/CD player, power-steering, fabric seats, separated front-seats, manual transmission--are replaced regularly.

For more information or to check with AB Car on availability, visit their web site by clicking here.  Those who wish a dive pickup truck and plan on purchasing the full insurance coverage can save 10% on their rental by downloading and printing the coupon at Paradise Rebates by clicking here(Source:  AB Car)

Posted by Susan Davis on February 26, 2013 at 1:55pm AST


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