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September 12, 2006
NetTech N.V. Press Release

NetTech Launches InfoBonaire One-Stop Quotes
as Part of Updated Bonaire Information Site

Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, September 12, 2006: NetTech, N.V. today announced the unveiling of a new on-line service - One-Stop Quotes - on InfoBonaire, The Bonaire Information Site. InfoBonaire One-Stop-Quotes will allow potential Bonaire visitors easily request rates and availability for select hotels and car rental companies with a simple on-line submission. The site will automatically forward the request to all local companies which the visitor has selected.

NetTech's One-Stop Quotes is the first such request system available on Bonaire for booking hotels, apartments, and other accommodations. The system can also be used to request vehicle rentals. NetTech plans to expand this service in the near future by including activity companies, tour operators, and other interested entities. Access to the on-line inquiry program is available from every page of the newly renovated InfoBonaire web site (www.infobonaire.com). Any Bonaire tourism companies who have an interest in participating in this new program may inquire about eligibility at info@nettech.an.

Concurrent with the launching of this new service, NetTech also unveiled a re-branding for the InfoBonaire site today under the trademarked slogan "The Bonaire Information Site", to reaffirm that the InfoBonaire site is the largest, most current, and most informative web site about Bonaire on the Internet. In fact, InfoBonaire was cited during a Tourism Corporation Bonaire survey earlier this year as the site most visited by tourists researching information about Bonaire. Although some of the prior textual content has been retained, the site has been overhauled with new content and a new look using advanced web capabilities. The result of these efforts makes the new site even easier to use and navigate, and that lets visitors get to the information they are looking for more easily.

As part of the new re-branding effort, InfoBonaire now also features a new logo, licensed from well-known Bonaire artist, Linda Richter. The logo is based on her "Flamingo World" painting completed in April 2006. Ms. Richter's detailed oil paintings and other works of art can be seen at www.LindaRichter.com.

NetTech, N.V. is Bonaires largest and most renowned Internet hosting and e-mail services company, providing all levels of Internet marketing, design, specialized programming, and graphic services. NetTech N.V. is located at Kaya Eindhoven 6, Hato, Bonaire, and can be found on-line at www.nettech.an.

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